Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision

Компьютерное зрение
Компьютерное зрение
Computer vision - unlimited possibilities for processing and analyzing of the visual data.
Cameras are everywhere. Video and still images are some of the basic datasets for an artificial intelligence. Computer vision can not only detect, but also analyze the data from cameras.
When developing the computer vision systems, our team uses modern technologies of the software production for image processing and analysis.
Many current models already understand how to recognize the edges, shapes, and patterns.
Using deep learning technologies and convolutional neural networks, our specialists can train these models according to your tasks. It will allow the apps to recognize the objects on images or videos.
To retrain the existing models using our own data sets, we use «transfer training».

Machine learning

Машинное обучение
Машинное обучение
Machine learning - teach «hardware» to analyze it on its own, identify patterns, predict and make decisions.
Machine learning is a science in which algorithms are used to predict values, allowing the system to learn patterns in the data.
Machine learning is becominh bigger and bigger part of our lives, it is an important tool in various fields of use – from training recommendations to dataset collection and other tactical actions. It has shown great prospects when was used in self-driving cars, accurate cancer recognizing on radiographs and interests prognoses based on past behavior. And these are just some of them.
Along with the benefits of machine learning, there are also some challenges.
One of the key issues is the presence of bias in classifications and forecasts of machine learning. They have consequences based on decisions arising from the machine learning model. Therefore, it’s important for our developers to understand how bias is introduced into machine learning models, how to test it, and how to fix it.
Our specialists will study each request in detail and offer the most suitable innovative tools and patented technologies for it. The result is our individual machine learning solutions, created according to the business strategies, requirements and the goals of our customers.
Our team accompanies the clients throughout the entire development life cycle, including strategic consulting, solution development and deployment of ML-based software.

Chat bots

Chat bots - a unique opportunity to interact with the customers without attracting qualified employees.
With an invention of social networks and messaging apps, email has lost its position as the primary channel of communication between business and client. Today, people use messengers to communicate with their friends, relatives, communicate with different brands, search for products and for some kind of content.
One of the most innovative solutions for communication with the consumer are chat bots.
This gives the brands an opportunity to engage with customers on the platforms which they use daily. Such social networks allow business owners to reach a billionth audience in order to offer their services and products.
Programmed to automatically interact with the received messages, chat robots have the intelligence that can adapt their responses to the situation.
Chatbots, developed by our experts, can not only respond equally every time. But also respond in a certain way according to the keywords that they find in a message.
These technologies use chat tools, such as web chat windows, SMS messages and social messaging services, from such popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Our «digital operators» are also able to use the emotional background, having an interlocutor with them. Chatbots can speak in different tones, depending on the situation. For example, chatbots can offer fun conversations, learning what to say, talking to real people on the Internet.
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