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We create stylish solutions,
who live long
Online resources,
that live a long time!
Why do websites «get old»
Have you ever wondered, when you order a new website or an application of Augmented reality - what will happen next?
What will they become in a year or two after launching?
How quickly will the information on the pages of your new website become absolete?
How soon will your application lose its relevance and become uninteresting to your audience?
Will your customers be able to find a new product line in a year after the launch of your online catalog?
Will you be able to add a new popular option over time?
Задумываетесь ли Вы, когда заказываете новый сайт или приложение дополненной реальности - а что будет дальше?
Online resources, that live a long time!
All our products have the opportunity to scale up
Your site will be dynamic. It will change and acquire a new functionality as soon as such a need arises.
Refresh information on the pages
Add a new service or product
Change office address or add contacts of a new branch office
Add a temporary promotion page
Expand functionality
You can manage the site yourself, without involving any developers. Upon delivery of the project, we provide the customer with not only access to the control panel for editing information. But also clear instructions and a set of rules, following which you can edit and supplement the content without any risk of harm to the overall concept and style.

Test drive Skoda Kodiaq

Virtual simulator
Development of an app for training in virtual reality (Virtual reality, VR).
Our clients:

Website development Ukraine, Kiev, Vinnitsa.
AR,VR, MR application development.

Questions and answers

The control system interface is quite convenient. To edit the content you don’t need to be a technical specialist. After all, we provide you not only an access to the control panel, but also:

  • A video instruction for editing your own project;
  • A set of rules of the administrator, following which you can edit and supplement the website without any risk of harm to the overall concept and style.
Our projects don’t «get old». All of our products have a technical ability to complement and develop them. You will always have the opportunity to change and add information to the site as often as you want.

The main thing that we need to create a high-quality online resource is an understanding of your product:

  • Why do you need this resource?
  • Who will use it?
  • What do you want to tell him?

If you know the answers to these questions – then for sure you already have all the necessary information to create a high-quality online resource.

Yes, all the websites we developed are adaptive and correctly displayed on mobile devices!

The cost of our services varies depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Landing page development – from 1000 usd
  • Company Website development – from 2000 usd
  • Technical support – from 15 $ / hour
  • Marker AR, MR application development — from 2800 usd
  • Markerless AR, MR application development — from 2800 usd
  • Virtual Reality Development (VR) — from 3800 USD

For a better understanding of how much your site may cost, tell us about your problem and we will prepare a commercial offer for you.

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